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Clean Code

Elias Naserkhaki Founder of LearnWebSkill، Yadgira , WhoisPack and former member of WorldSkills and W3C,  describe clean code : “ The creator of clean code has up-to-date knowledge and good vision, understands and cares about goals. The code must be...

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Full stack JavaScript

Full stack JavaScript JavaScript is in use from 1995. It’s one of major elements of web development. JavaScript was a client-side script running in a web browser and now Node.js makes it possible for JS to use in server-side too....

Sticky menu with pure CSS 0

Sticky menu with pure CSS

We have a tag with position set to sticky; now The tag position is related to the visitor’s scroll state. First it’s relative and based on user’s scroll it can be fixed. Tested successfully on windows seven browsers:Google chrome 69.x,...

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Blockchain improves cloud computing

Blockchain has always been associated with Bitcoin, one of the leading online criptovalues. Indeed, it was born in 2008 along with bitcoins, but the power of its architecture and the possibility to adopt it in many other business areas became...

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CSS units

Units in CSS CSS has several units for length. We can use units in CSS properties: width, height, margin, padding, font-size, border-width, border-radius etc. Some CSS properties can have negative values (e.g. margin).

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HTML and web punctuation marks and Symbols

Some useful HTML and web punctuation marks and Symbols: !              exclamation mark, not ‘              single quote, apostrophe, quote, tick “             double quote, quotation marks, quote

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Static website and dynamic website

There are two types of websites, static websites and dynamic websites. This kind of categorizing is usual and uses for conversations, business e.g. web contracts and it’s based on server-side or client-side, websites grouping.